About Us

KMXK Investment Pte. Ltd. is a Single Family Office (SFO) with the sole purpose of being a regional office and investing in regional businesses. Our main office is in Singapore, and we have our business presence is across Asia.

We Constantly seek opportunities to establish strategic partnerships and to equip and empower the next generation of business leaders. Our vast network of relationship and resources enables us to develop sustainable growth within our company and among our business partners.

Our Mission

The KMXK Legacy. 
Our mission has always been focused on creating  a legacy for the future generations to follow. We intend the next generations of business leaders to be equipped and powered by investing in emerging technologies and business models.


The KMXK Legacy exemplifies creativity and embraces innovative ideas that drive personal development and corporate sustainable growth.

The KMXK Legacy upholds the identity that is deep-rooted to the company values; bringing ideas of today into realization and strengthening the foundation of the next generation of business leaders.

The KMXK Legacy recognizes that knowledge knows bounds and that collaborations bring the most favorable results.


 KMXK Investment Pte. Ltd. constantly looks out for opportunities that fit well into our risk matrix and provide an acceptable risk to reward returns

We are constantly looking to invest in startups with good business models or any companies with emerging technologies.

We are also able to invest in private equities with solid track records.

With unconstrained mandate, we also invest in traditional assets as well as non-conventional investments or instruments.

Why choose Us

KMXK Investment Pte. Ltd. aspires to create a legacy that will make a difference in the world.
With our undisputable motivation, along with our vast network of resources, sustainable growth is guaranteed to all our business partners across Asia.

We invest in our people to empower and push them to the envelope of growth, allowing their creativity to challenge the norm.

We believe in mutual value creation with our staff and our business partners, seeking a win-win outcome is always at the forefront in any discussion or business deals.

Trust is at the core of our foundation; it’s the bedrock of all strong relationships and is embedded deep in our company culture.